Some marijuana delivery services are all over the place

I decided to order a half ounce of Durban Poison cannabis flower buds

I love getting home deliveries from online shopping stores. I now get all of our non-perishable food and groceries delivered to my front door. The same grocery store and superstore chains are offering their inventory for online shopping. You find one of the items you want online and then proceed to pay for the items with a card payment. Some of the stores have their own delivery teams that bring your groceries to your house, while other stores partner with third party companies that hire their own workers who do the shopping and deliveries on behalf of the store. They’re not all the same, some can give you accurate delivery estimates that can be as soon as 30 minutes from the point of sale. Other stores are all over the place with their time estimates on when you can expect the delivery driver to arrive at your front door. The legal recreational and medical marijuana stores are no different. First off, some of them charge a fee that is someplace between $15 and $30 for every delivery order, while others waive their fee if you meet a minimum order threshold. Occasionally you only need to make an order as huge as $76 to get free delivery, while other marijuana stores want you to make an order greater than $199 to have your delivery fee waived. Yesterday I placed an order from one particular dispensary’s cannabis delivery service. They were perfect with their time estimates and arrived the next afternoon at the exact time they had given me. I decided to order a half ounce of Durban Poison cannabis flower buds. Durban Poison is a famous cannabis sativa strain from Africa. All of these years later, it’s still grown by cannabis dispensaries all over the country and enjoyed by millions.



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