Some dispensaries sell popcorn buds of marijuana for a reduced price

I love utilizing promotions, sales, and coupons.

  • There was a time when I thought buy-one-get-one-free sales were the best deals at grocery stores beyond cyclical price markdowns on the price tags.

I didn’t know about the coupon booklets that were always available at the entrance of the stores. It was amazing to save $40 on a $90 order the first time I seriously sat down to scour the weekly coupons. When digital coupons took off, I saw a huge opportunity for more savings. Whenever I was headed to one store or another, I’d always check their list of digital coupons on the store’s website before leaving the house. All of these practices have made it easier for me to make ends meet as the economy dwindles and my work hours continuously get cut. I love marijuana, but the limited income is making the purchases hard to stomach. I was ecstatic when I discovered popcorn buds during a random trip to the dispensary. They take tiny buds from the normal batches of flower and sell them at a reduced price. They’ll have a batch of Space Cake with a 24% THC content and will package and sell the large flower buds at the normal price. To keep those premium jars from having dried out smaller buds taking up precious space, they package the tiny nugs into smaller jars and sell them for a reduced price. My favorite dispensary has marijuana flower for $50 for an eighth of an ounce, but the same strains in popcorn buds only cost $35 at the same weight. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the same quality marijuana at a drastically reduced price. They might be a little drier, but the low cost makes up for that one shortcoming.
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