Sativa is all the rage

Lately I went to a local cannabis dispensary to see what my possibilities are.

I do not have a dentist that prescribes medical marijuana, however I do have several chronic conditions. I have arthritis in my back, hips, and knees. I also have fibromyalgia; Both of these conditions cause a lot of pain! Some days are worse than others, but it is a scarce morning that I have no pain at all. With that being said, I was curious if CBD cream could help or if I could get edibles that would help relieve some of my chronic pain. Inside the cannabis dispensary is where I ended up learning about marijuana strains, and there are three large cannabis plant strains: sativa, indica, and a hybrid of the numerous strains, then gSC, or Girl Scout Cookies, is a genre of sativa strain, and in general, sativa strains are considered the most popular. The woman at the shop told me over and over that she thinks that is too large a generalization, but, however she thinks that the sativa strains are popular with the young crowd; I understand that this is because sativa strains tend to bring feelings of invigoration and energy. That makes sativa better for social events like parties or consuming in a bar or marijuana cafe. The dispensary employee, though, told myself and others that her shop sees quite a few older folks appreciate myself and others and even older. Indica strains, she says, are more popular with the older folks due to the fact that they are such as alcohol – sedating, similar to a glass of wine at bedtime. It was an interesting conversation, however I have no idea what kind is better for my arthritis.

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