RA and I needed some help

Two years ago I was having trouble with rheumatoid arthritis.

I just had some pain in my feet and the next thing I know, I’m on many different types of medicine.

Ever since that afternoon, I am swiftly going downhill. I can’t rest most afternoons, separate from the aid of a cane. My hands are beginning to knot and I am in excruciating pain. It doesn’t matter how many pills the doctor gives me, I continue to get worse and I am in more pain. The rheumatoid arthritis is wrecking my life and my family. I went to the rheumatologist a couple weeks back and I refused the medication that they were trying to deliver me. I had an appointment with my family physician the next day. I told him about the pain and all the pills. He asked me if I wanted to go a bit less conventional with the treatment. He told me he could help me get a medical marijuana card now that it had been legalized. He had talked to many patients who were benefitting from the use of medical marijuana. He offered to deliver me the prescription and I could go for the medical marijuana card if I want to. If I didn’t want to get the medical marijuana card, he just commanded that I get rid of the prescription. I thought about the prescription and I talked to my boyfriend. He said that if it was going to work, he thought it would be a great idea. Two weeks after this I had my medical marijuana card and I was filling the prescription at the marijuana dispensary.


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