Putting more time into it

ve had a lot more time to focus on food, as well as I have been putting that time to pretty good use.

For the first time ever I cooked with cannabis, as well as found the results to be wonderful.

I started just like most people do, with pot brownies as well as marijuana infused chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. They both came out pretty good, but they looked a little funny because I had just stirred huge clumps of cannabis into the batter. From there I was able to see I had to get a grinder as well as finely turn the cannabis into powder, which made it easily mix into the cookie or brownie batter as well as also helped them to cook more evenly. After that it didn’t take long to see that I should use cannabis oil instead of grinding up a bunch of cannabis buds, as well as that helped make an improved brownie, as well. Once I got the cannabis oil all bets were off, as well as I started mixing it into essentially everything I cooked just to see how things would turn out. It turns out the cannabis infused mac as well as cheese is not delicious! After quite a few experiments, I decided that my cannabis cooking is best while sticking to desserts.


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