Perfect indica strain for me

I am a large fan of indica strains. Since I spend most of my workdays running around the city making deliveries, I need tons of caffeine to keep me feeling good. But by the time I get for the night, I need something to help me calm down to some point. I’m not much of a booze person, otherwise I’d really have a bottle of wine or a glass of scotch. It was in school where I tried alcohol and weed for the first time, and it was within the same month during the first year of our freshman year. My friends loved to consume beer, but I liked the effects I got from smoking and vaporizing cannabis flower buds. Whenever I could get my hands on precious substances, I loved that as well. With my love of cannabis, I’ve always tended to favor the sedating indica strains. If I worked from home I might use stimulating sativa strains during our work hours, but until that time comes I will stick to smoking with cannabis indica after I get loft from work for the night. The indica strains from the cannabis dispensary are great for my needs. My newest strain smells and tastes like a cookie. It’s a phenomenal strain and it tastes sweet and berry like. I have bought a lot of it recently. This new strain gives me enjoyable effects without right away putting me to sleep like the other indicas do. It is just perfect for what I want it to do on a daily basis.

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