Paperwork is the First Step in Marijuana Purchase

After receiving the paperwork from the state that allowed myself and others to legally purchase medical marijuana, I was a bit wary.

I couldn’t wait to be able to legally purchase marijuana, but now I was a bit wary.

For years, I had been sneaking around & finding people who would sell it to me. Because I am a Vietnam Vet, I have a lot of anxiety. There were several times when I swore I would have lost my mind if I hadn’t had the marijuana to calm myself and others down. Marijuana provides a slow mellow that helped myself and others to relax & still function officially. Now, I was all ready to find the nearest cannabis dispensary & purchase my marijuana. I went into the shop to browse. There was a young man behind the counter who asked to see my paperwork even before he would converse with me. She was pleasant, even though he got down to business. Apparently, he was not willing to get herself or the dispensary into trouble if I didn’t give him my information. The worker made copies of the paperwork, and then proceeded to get more paperwork that I had to fill out for the dispensary. When we completed the necessary paperwork, he talked about the strange strains of marijuana that are available for relaxation. She asked myself and others if I had already been a user. If I hadn’t he might recommend ACDC, it had a low content of THC with a higher content of CBD. I had to admit I had been a user for years.
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