Education to become a licensed budtender

Ever since cannabis became legalized in my local state, I hoped to work in a cannabis dispensary.

I checked into how to become licensed as a budtender and discovered there are various levels to it.

In those states where recreational and medical marijuana are legal, it is fairly easy to get hired in a weed shop. However, the position is nothing more than a cashier in those venues. I’d make minimum wage and wouldn’t be qualified to answer any questions. It is like a person going to the drugstore and picking out Tylenol. Some higher end recreational cannabis dispensaries include cool features like vape lounges, dab bars and a selection of new cannabis products. Those budtenders are required to pass courses offered by cannabis education companies. They are required to be knowledgeable about the many products, how to sell them and how to manage a dispensary. In states where only medical marijuana is legal, the budtenders are centered around understanding the benefits of cannabis for the treatment of each patient. I’d need more than just cannabis 101. My aspiration was to work with medical marijuana patients. I hoped to help them reduce nausea from chemotherapy. I wanted to be aware of which strains help with seizures. I wanted to be able to explain how cannabis works to treat PTSD. It was a lot of effort, education and fees as I worked my way up the ladder. However, I now am thrilled with what I do and every step to acquire my position at the dispensary was totally worth it. I feel satisfied that I am essentially providing a holistic drug for people who are struggling with medical ailments. I can help people suffering from depression, anxiety and chronic pain find relief. I just love recommending the ideal cannabis product.

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My wife is a cannabis farmer

My wife and three of her friends combined their savings together to start a marijuana growing business! Growing marijuana and marketing to dispensaries used to be an easy process.

You could make a living as a small time grower without difficulty.

Then laws came into effect requiring that the cannabis products be taken from seed to sale. Every step of production must be managed by the same person. My wife and her friends then needed to pool their resources together once again to transform into a high end growing operation rather than small-time growers. The growing operation requires special lighting, nutrients and irrigation systems. Each person handles a different aspect of the growing process to prepare the cannabis for sale. All the dispensaries in the area are able to place an order with them. The various cannabis products are packaged, labeled and legally available to be sold. It was a bunch of red tape they needed to take care of to get to this point. I had hoped this meant that I would have access to top shelf weed whenever I want. I hoped for free marijuana of any strain. The issue is that the marijuana industry is constantly expanding. My wife’s inventory frequently gets sold out. She can’t grow enough to offer me any leftovers. So I am forced to buy my cannabis products just like anyone else. I actually bought my wife’s cannabis at a dispensary when it was grown and packaged right next door to me. Thankfully several of the weed shops have offered me a discount on the stock. It is still odd smoking my wife’s weed but going to a shop to purchase it first.


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Trying cannabis

My girlfriend also joined us and she really enjoyed smoking

I know quiet a bit about marijuana but had never tried it until I was 25 years old. I am employed by an SEO company that builds websites for HVAC dealers. Not that long ago, we started constructing sites for cannabis dispensaries. I have built tons of websites for various legal weed shops. I have written content for the website pertaining to the different cannabis products such as topicals, flower, oil, concentrates, tinctures and edibles. I share information about THC and CBD. I outline the different traits of sativa vs indica plants. On the website. I have provided an outline for how a person goes about visiting a cannabis dispensary or how they can place an order for cannabis products for delivery. I even created social media postings for several marijuana dealers. I had never smoked or taken so much as a bite of an edible before. I had never gotten high. The closest I’d come was smelling some weed at some rock concerts. When my girlfriend and I took a vacation, one of my customer’s dispensaries happened to be located right near our hotel. It seemed weird that I wouldn’t stop in at the facility when I had worked for the company for several years. I introduced myself and realized I was talking to the dispensary owner. I thought it only polite to try out some of her products. I ended up buying cannabis flower and oil from the dispensary and sitting in the vape lounge. I got high for the first time on that trip. I was far older than most first-timers. My girlfriend also joined us and she really enjoyed smoking. We had a great trip and even stopped at the dispensary to try some of the edibles.



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Smoking cannabis to alleviate menopause symptoms

I am one of the last people anyone would suspect has a legal medical cannabis prescription.

I have always had difficulty sleeping.

Once the symptoms of menopause showed up, I couldn’t even manage a few hours of sleep. My hot flashes were so intense that they were occuring every hour. I would struggle to fall back asleep for hours and feel like a zombie the whole next day. I started researching online for what I could do to improve my sleeping patterns and minimize menopause issues. A lot of friends my age recommended that I turn to cannabis. They said to search out a cannabis dispensary and speak with the budtender about the right strain for my concerns. Since my state has legalized medical marijuana, I needed to fill out some paperwork. I was required to meet with a doctor about my issues and pay a small fee to get my medical marijuana card. Now I have a legal prescription for cannabis flower and oil. The budtender I spoke with has helped quite a few women who are suffering the same problems as me. She found the perfect strain I needed and told me to take a couple of hits right before bed. Honestly I would have happily smoked a whole joint, bowl or even consumed a whole suitcase full of edibles in order to sleep. I am not worried about getting completely high. I am so desperate to avoid feeling sweaty and exhausted all the time. Smoking cannabis has really helped me out. I am no longer as apprehensive about going to bed. My hot flashes are not happening as often at night. I am considering the idea of smoking during the day to reduce them as well.


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Cannabis helps me to fly easier

When I got a promotion at work, I was really nervous.

The new title required me to travel to meet with potential customers and put on sales pitches. I am an especially poor flyer. I get so stressed that I can barely stand to sit on the plane. I start to get sweaty, jumpy and taking medication only helps so much. I began to think I wouldn’t be able to tolerate all the flying but not every location is driving distance. I debated telling my boss no. Thankfully, I made a trip to the marijuana dispensary and asked for some help. I looked for a product that would relax me and help me be able to fly comfortably. I didn’t want to be impaired in any way, reek of cannabis or not be able to put on an organized presentation hours later. The budtender suggested I vape cannabis oil. I acquired a legal medical marijuana prescription that allows me to carry my vape across state lines without any problems. The vape is wonderfully discrete. It can be concealed under my shirt and be available for me to puff whenever I choose. While waiting for the airport transport, I take the opportunity to puff a few times and hope to get as relaxed as possible. If I have enough time, I look for a smoking lounge where I can take a few hits. By the time I board the plane I feel nicely loose and calm. My favorite strain is heavy in CBD and low in THC. I don’t have any high effects but am soothed and able to get through my plane ride. By the time I land at my destination, the effects have worn off. Vaping marijuana also prevents the smell from getting all over my clothing.

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Using topicals to treat aches and pains

For regular aches and pains, there are a lot of remedies you can try. Some people like to use stretching or getting an appointment with a massage therapist to loosen tight muscles. There is the option of heating pads, gels that heat up and taking anti-inflammatory medication. More people are turning to cannabis to alleviate chronic pain. You can smoke to draw the cannabinoids into the system to lessen inflammation and pain. Most people suffering from injuries tend to prefer the many advantages of cannabis topicals though. Not everyone is happy about getting high, especially athletes with injuries. A topical can be any lotion, cream or salve with cannabinoids infused into it. There are even patches that can be applied to the affected area. The topicals can contain CBd or THC or both. The cannabinoids work into the bloodstream by way of the patch and can potentially cause a high sensation. Most often, when a consumer turns to a topical, they are looking for relief. The topical usually includes peppermint or some other cooling property to soothe the muscles. This means that most topicals have a pleasant smell. It is a superior, more intense style of over-the-counter pain relieving gel in my opinion. I prefer using topicals because I am an athlete that experiences daily pain. I have bought a ton of different creams that I use regularly. I have one that I apply in the evenings and another one I usein the morning. I like changing up the style and strength of the topical I use. I don’t feel as if I am using a cannabis product. I don’t ever feel high or have any of the typical marijuana affects. It simply soothes away the aches and helps me get through the day.


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Trying out a dab bar

Some people want to get high as quickly as possible.

  • To achieve this, I recommend trying cannabis concentrates rather than oil or flower.

This process takes the marijuana plant down to its chemical essence and extracts as much of the THC content as possible. It is then vaporized by dabbing. How does someone vape concentrate? It is a lot like using a bong but you are using a titanium nail referred to as a rig. The dabber takes a blowtorch and heats the nail in order to vaporize the concentrate on the nail. Dabbing was once considered to be too potentially dangerous. Research is still being completed, but it doesn’t seem as if taking in larger amounts of THC is harmful. There are now portable rigs available for sale at legal weed dispensaries. At high end cannabis shops, there are areas set aside as dab bars where several rigs are set up for customers. They make sure to clean off the mouthpiece after every use. The dab bar is a quick way to get high and take part in the marijuana atmosphere. There are machines called e-rigs that allow the user to set their own preference for heat, flavor and potency. With most cannabis strains, you get approximately 30% THC. However, with dabbing you typically get around the 60-70% range. There is a form known as crystalline that even gets up to 99% THC. For those who are looking to get especially high quickly, look into dabbing. The dab bars are gaining in popularity as more dispensaries are including them in the layout. For smokers of oil and flowers, you still need the proper vape lounge.


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Cannabis delivery

A lot of things have been difficult since COVID has become a problem.

We can’t go to the movies anymore. We have to stream movies at home. There is no possibility of bar hopping, going out to restaurants, taking hikes or spending evenings out on the town. Everything is a bit more boring with everyone stuck at home. I am now at the point where everything I do is handled online. I do my job through a laptop at my house. As a very social type person, this has been torture. The last chance I had of getting out and seeing people was heading to the cannabis dispensary located nearby. I used to make a once per week trip. Once COVID started becoming a health threat, I upped it to once a week. I needed some excuse to get out of the house and talk to people. I’d spend about an hour consulting with the budtender about sativa vs indica. I would ask about the different ways to smoke, types of edibles and sometimes try out concentrates at the dab bar. It was the only fun thing left that the virus had not ruined! Now my cannabis dispensary has closed down and the whole process is virtual based. I can look up the cannabis menu on my computer, place an order and either have it delivered or set yo curbside pickup. There is no need to visit the actual dispensary anymore, so I take advantage of cannabis delivery. I can’t actually smell or see the variety of products in person. I can’t talk to the budtender either. It is so disappointing that my weed shop has now become the same as every other business. I keep thinking the problem is going to get resolved and things will go back to normal.

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First time was quite overwhelming

The first time I stepped into a cannabis dispensary I was 26 years old.

  • I had no clue what I was going to find either.

My state just allowed for recreational cannabis and I decided to try weed for the first time in my life. I walked into the dispensary expecting it to look like a sketchy weed shop. I think I pictured it to be like a porn shop or a gas station. Instead I was shocked to see that the dispensary was very brightly lit, modern and clean. There were also tons of glass display cases with many different cannabis products and devices. I was surprised at how many different ways you can smoke. There are bongs, pipes, rolling papers, hookahs and even vapes. You can smoke flower, oil or vaporize a concentrate and dab if you want. There are topicals and edibles too. So many different words for different products. Add onto the fact that each strain is either a sativa or indica. There are also different THC and CBD contents for each thing. I felt so overwhelmed by the choices and information that I almost walked out the door. Thankfully the marijuana dispensary I visited had a qualified budtender that walked me through each product. He briefly talked about the different ways I can take cannabis and wanted to know what I was hoping to experience. Did I want to relax and chill? Was I hoping to stimulate my mind and be creative? After a few questions I was given a product and way to take it that I felt comfortable with.

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Would she like a CBD hair set?

I always struggle to know what to get my wife for Christmas. She buys all the clothing she could possibly need. I am not qualified to purchase books, make up or cookware either. As far as I know, she has no hobbies that require anything either. So each year I go to the mall and just walk around aimless and buy things she probably doesn’t want. This year my local cannabis dispensary emailed me an ad for new cannabis products coming. One of the products was a haircare set for women. You get shampoo, conditioner and hair serum all with CBD in it. The products are said to be good for your hair, smell fresh and mellow you out due to the CBD oil added to it. I have read all sorts of reviews online and they are all very positive. I have really considered buying the marijuana hair care set for her. Everything is all packaged together nice so I would just need to put it in a box and wrap it. The set costs enough that it would be my main gift. I could pick out a few little things and then call it a day. However, I don’t really know my wife’s stance on marijuana. I know she doesn’t care if people smoke but she certainly doesn’t. Would she find a CBD product to be cool or be totally uninterested? I feel like the gift could be an amazing hit that she is wowed by amazing deduction to know that she needed it. Or she would wonder why on Earth I thought she would want it.


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