Medical cannabis is great for anxiety

When I got promoted at the office I started getting upset about all the up-to-date responsibilities that I had received.

I worried about managing a team, leading meetings and pitching products to potential clients and investors.

My anxiety started absolutely flaring up and it got to be so bad I had to seek some medical help. I had a lot of trouble going into work, driving a car or even being on the phone. Rather than taking pills, I undoubtedly relied on using medical cannabis instead. I got a medical amrijuana card for anxiety and it has been a game changer. I just smoke a wee bit right in the parking lot of my office. I take a few hits to mellow myself and others out and I do my normal day. When I get home, I take another couple of hits to keep that feeling going. I am never fully high or a total mess. I just smoke enough to assume calm and relaxed. I smoke through my vape pen so the odor doesn’t get on my clothing either. The only person who knows about my medical cannabis card is my boss since I told him. I am legally allowed to smoke and carry my vape with me. I love it that I can be discreet about it though. The vape fits in my trifold entirely and I can take a few quick puffs no matter where I am. My anxiety has never been so fantastic too. I assume way more confident going into work. I assume that I should have turned to using medical marijuana a long time ago. I have never felt so glad.



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He drinks and I smoke grass

My boyfriend likes to pour a few glasses of whiskey to drink at night. He always wants to booze together. He thinks it is fun to get a little smashed and have a truly fantastic night of rest. Occasionally he wants to pound drinks to the point of getting drunk. I have never absolutely enjoyed boozing love he does. I haven’t found any of the alcoholic beverages which I undoubtedly find tasty. I also don’t favor the nasty feeling of being drunk. I tend to lose motor skills, act absurd and sometimes I even cry. The hangover I have the next day is horrible too. I lose a whole day feeling bad because I drank a little bit. Finally the several of us have landed on a great solution. My boyfriend drinks and I smoke. I now am a recreational cannabis smoker. Whenever he has a glass of booze at night, I take a few puffs off my vape. I don’t get full blown high when my boyfriend is casually having a few drinks. I undoubtedly have several odd types of strains I smoke. One is just CBD oil that I am smoking. All it does is chill and mellow myself and others out before bed. I am on the same level as my slightly blitzed boyfriend. When he wants to get drunk, I get out the THC heavy strain and I start smoking out. The several of us have a relaxing night together. I am not sick the next day and I undoubtedly like being high. It is fantastic that every one of us both can have a blast. I assume being high is way more of a more fantastic time than getting hammered.

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An edible a day to take the stress away every day

I am a substantial eater when I get stressed out. When I am concerned about an upcoming event, I always put on a few extra pounds. I just mow down on the pretzels, crackers and cookies that I have available. It brings me comfort to be chewing and have something to do with my hands. My sibling is getting wed in a weeks time and I am in the anniversary. I have a bunch of works I have to do before that has myself and others absolutely all wound up. I don’t want to pack on a bunch of weight right before the anniversary. I have found a neat little trick that seems to be absolutely working wonders for me. At the local cannabis shop they have edibles. The edibles are snack foods with CBD and sometimes high THC levels in them. I bought a couple of CBD infused gummies, chocolates and candies. I then got a tin of hard candy that does have a pretty high THC pleased. When eating normal snacks I would just eat the entire bin in a day. With the cannabis products, I am forced to pace myself. The CBD gummies have myself and others so mellowed out that I don’t worry nearly as much or want to snack. The THC hard candy has myself and others feeling absolutely fun and so much more motivated after a few pieces of candy. I am not snacking as much because of the potency and quality of the product. So far I haven’t put on any extra weight with my up-to-date marijuana treats. I am hopeful that I can rely on my edibles anytime I am getting concerned for an upcoming event. It makes sense, because cannabis is often used to help anxiety. I have pretty bad anxiety when I am not eating an edible.

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Cannabis shampoo is absolutely wonderful

I assume it is important for everyone to change up their products in the bathroom.

I don’t use the same brands of soap, shampoo, conditioner or hair serum. I don’t even love to use the same scent of deodorant. Not only is it fun to change things up, despite the simple fact that I always assume I can get a better product. Recently I discovered a fantastic shampoo that might stay my forever one. I found a cannabis sativa shampoo based on hemp seed oil. It has CBD in the shampoo, which is quite interesting. I assume way more relaxed after my shower than I normally would. There is no THC in the shampoo so I don’t have to stress about getting high and not being able to drive. Additionally, I like the odor of it. It has a fruity, citrus scent that lingers in my hair all day. As a person who deals with easily curly, large and brittle dry hair, I have trouble retaining scents. I also have trouble with hydration and having tangled hair. The shampoo works wonders for all those problems. How did I find this magic product? My marijuana dispensary has been trying out up-to-date marijuana products. They offer bath products with cannabis in it. There are shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and hair tonics and serums available. I have been thinking about trying a very odd scent however keeping to my same brand. I just like the products that they offer. I also have been thinking about buying a ton and giving them out as gifts. Who wouldn’t love a fantastic odor in a fast acting shampoo? Who cares that there is CBD in it.

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Cooking with cannabis and oil

I absolutely like to cook. I love making odd dishes and using unofficial ingredients. I will get on a kick where I find odd cuisines to make a whole bunch of meals in that theme. I will try up-to-date things I love such as tofu, fennel, cilantro and jackfruit. I like when I can expand my repertoire of meals to showcase for my friends and family. I recently got into cooking with cannabis and oil. At first I was too ambitious and thought I could make my own cannabis cooking oil. The process of making the cannabis oil is quite involved. Not only would I need to get cannabis flower and bake it, however I then needed to do an additional baking in order to infuse it in the oil. I could do olive oil, canola oil or butter and infuse the cannabis into it. Most of these require use of a slow cooker, double boiler or decarboxylating the product. I felt way above my head with all of that. Thankfully my local cannabis dispensary already has the cannabis oils ready to buy. I have bought all odd types of cooking oils in several odd flavors. I absolutely love using a creamy cannabutter for sweet treats love cookies, pies or cakes. The cannabis oil I love for when I cook veggies or when I do seasoning for fish dishes. Adding cannabis to my meals gives them that extra dimension you wouldn’t normally get. My friends absolutely love it when I do a whole cannabis night. I make so many dishes with cannabis in it and I even purchase drinks from the dispensary that has a THC pop.

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I absolutely just need a CBD oil that works for me

I have found that I simply can’t get CBD oil.

Since my state only allows for medicinal cannabis use, I am totally screwed unless I get a legal prescription.

I could get medical cannabis if I was willing to put in a lot of work. I would need to fill out a bunch of papers, go to the doctor, buy a medical card and then find the right cannabis dispensary. It sounds love a lot of job for an oil that I want to take in order to get some sleep. CBD oil has no THC pleased. It can’t get you high at all. All the oil will do is mellow out a person to the point that they can sleep self-explanatory. Since the oil is derived from the marijuana plant, I can’t purchase it legally. Online I have found that these companies say they can send myself and others CBD oil however in reality it is just hemp oil base. It doesn’t do the job half and well as tastes disgusting. I have thought about going on a vacation to a locale that allows for recreational cannabis. I then could go into a dispensary, option up gallons of CBD oil, and smuggle it home, and what if I got caught though? Would I get in a whole ton of trouble? It doesn’t seem worth it when I just am a bit restless at night. I have tried everything else in order to sleep well though. Smoking weed is my last method on how to rest better in the night. I might just need to become a medical marijuana patient since my state remains absurd about allowing cannabis in.

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Going to check out a legal dispensary for our honeymoon

I am getting wed in exactly 6 weeks and the honeymoon has turned out to be a total mess.

  • At first I had my fiance and I booked a trip traveling overseas to an exotic country! Every one of us were turned away because of COVID.

I next booked a tropical island resort trip that later decided that my fiance and I would both need to fill out tons of paperwork and also get diagnosed for COVID in the days before flying. I didn’t want to deal with that stress and ended up having a honeymoon within the nation. Every one of us are simply driving a few states over to like our several day honeymoon. It won’t be nearly as exciting, despite the fact that I am trying to make it fun. I have found that the state I want for us to stay in, which allows for recreational and medical marijuana use. This means my up-to-date husband and I can pop into a legal cannabis shop and pick up what every one of us want with no repercussions. I have never been in a dispensary ever before. My experience with weed is smoking illegal stuff my friends were able to get or the ho-hum pot brownie. I am gleeful to undoubtedly see the diverse products these dispensaries offer. I want to try many edibles other than a brownie. I also want to see if smoking oil or flower is better. I will be able to discuss with a budtender that knows about weed rather than a random acquaintance who smokes a lot. I believe it will be a fun activity to do on our honeymoon. It will be a ton of fun being high with my up-to-date husband.
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First time experience cannabis was simply amazing

When recreational cannabis became legal in my home state it was very exciting to me; For many years I have really wanted to try marijuana however had no access to it. I am not the type of girl that would go around to find an illegal drug supplier coming to my home. I didn’t want to go out of state just to try a bit of legal cannabis. Once recreational weed was legally allowed I was able to drive to a cannabis dispensary for the first time. I wasn’t expecting what I got. The cannabis dispensaries are not these seedy drug stores or set up love gas stations. The high end cannabis dispensaries have a sleek vape lounge or dab bar depending on the products they offer. The vast amount of marijuana products they stock is quite shocking too. There are oils, flower, concentrates, topicals and edibles to select from. Also the workers at the cannabis shops are easily professional. I was surprised that the budtenders there undoubtedly knew what every product would do for myself and others or if they were an indica or sativa, then being a first time user I was quite clueless, my local budtender was truly amazing at having myself and others try just about every form you can ingest or inhale of marijuana; He also got myself and others started on a lower THC so I didn’t get totally overwhelmed. I was able to smoke in the comfort of the vape lounge and under supervision of a pro. It absolutely was a relaxing first time experience being high and visiting a nearby cannabis dispensary. I ended up buying way more than I should have, however the whole day was just so fun.

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I just use a topical lotion

About once every 3 or four weeks I like to go into my local cannabis dispensary for my supply.

So many people I know are shocked that I use cannabis as space of my everyday life.

I believe people picture myself and my friends toking from a giant bong or taking a bunch of edibles at a get together, however recreational marijuana with a high THC level can be so much fun for people. Or you can get a sativa or indica, depending on what kind of experience you want. I however don’t use any products with any THC. I don’t get high at all. I also don’t even smoke my cannabis. There are topical lotions in the recreational dispensary which are either patches, oils or creams. The point of a topical lotion is to treat chronic pain. I use a cream on my knee, shoulder and lower back. I played some college soccer and it absolutely messed myself and others up. I get official massages, chiropractor appts and I stretch everyday. I would be totally crippled if I didn’t also use my topical lotion from my cannabis dispensary. I spread a little on myself and others when I go to bed and I add on another layer after my day shower. The odor is a nice citrus odor that you would never believe that it had CBD in it. I purchase the product from a cannabis shop despite the fact that I don’t consider myself to be a member of the marijuana club. I am not smoking, getting high or using it for fun. Cannabis is an absolutely broad-use product that can serve a lot of odd people’s various needs. The plant is so diverse in what it can do.


Cannabis isn’t as disturbing as I thought it would be

I used to enjoy when my college would host the drug prevention week, and that meant I didn’t have to go to any normal classes.

The day would start in the school assembly room and the whole college would hang out and watch videos.

I liked starting my day in the dark auditorium watching these videos or just relaxing! Occasionally speakers would come in to tell us about how bad drugs were, again and again, but any change of the normal routine was welcome. I would have less homework those weeks and stress from the instructors. I could rest with my friends in the assembly and just relax. One thing though, was that the drug prevention week made myself and others unreasonably scared about particular stuff. I remember there was a whole device about how bad marijuana was. There were tons of short videos talking about how all these addicts started with weed and went to harder drugs from there on out. The addicts always were massively underweight, missing teeth and a total mess. I figured that if I smoke weed, that was going to be my life! Now I have acquired info that cannabis undoubtedly had a absolutely bad reputation for a while. There are now so many people taking marijuana for medical purposes. Cannabis can be used to treat chronic pains, depression and anxiety, but people who suffer from cancer, PTSD and seizures have also found a bit of relief with both the CBD and THC element in the cannabis plant. There is a whole list of things on Google that cannabis can treat. It took myself and others years to understand that marijuana isn’t that disturbing at all, it is just a plant.


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