Monday is always my favorite afternoon of the week

Most people that have tasks from Monday through Monday would say that Monday is their favorite afternoon of the week.

I never have to do my tasks on Saturday or Sunday, so Monday is absolutely my favorite afternoon.

When it’s time to head home to my apartment at 7, I start to believe I am more energized and invigorated. Of course, I dread the rest of the afternoon. Occasionally I hardly make it to dinner before I believe care about I need a nap. I’m filled with energy as soon as the clock hits 7. Last Monday I was recognizable ly happy to finish work, because my friends and I were going to do some camping for the weekend. The weather was supposed to be 75 degrees during the afternoon and under 40 degrees at night. It’s the perfect weather for tent camping in the mountains and the lake. Before all of us left to go camping, all of us decided to go to the recreational cannabis dispensary. All of my friends and I use recreational cannabis. I never use cannabis in the afternoon. When I am at work, I use a blend of valerian root, St John’s wort, and CBD. It greatly helps to ease the natural anxiety that I believe when I am around other people. It also helps calm my jangled nerves. Since my friends and I did not have to worry about task on the weekends, all of us picked up a few cannabis supplies that were high in THC. One of those items was a bubble hash. Bubble hash looks care about kief, but it has almost 50% THC. My friends and I smoked a ton of bubble hash over the weekend. By the end of the afternoon on Sunday, I was relaxed, well rested, and 100% ready for another week of work.

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I’m getting tired of doing all the heavy lifting

No 1 gave to lift a finger to help and that made me very agitated and angry

Each week for work, all of us receive new shipments of new recreational marijuana supplies. The recreational marijuana supplies arrived in very large heavy boxes, but each 1 of the boxes has to be removed from the supply truck and carried into the rear office. Business has truly been busy and so all of us have been stocking up on a lot of odd supplies. Last week, all of us had so many times the large boxes in the truck as usual. Most of the time, I remove all of the boxes from the shipment because I am the only guy that works during the afternoon. I do not absolutely mind finally working with petite women, so it has never been a complication until now. When the back of the truck opened up and the ladies saw all of the packages, they quickly walked away and let me do all of the heavy lifting. I spend multiple hours on loading the truck and another more than one hours for packing all of the recreational marijuana supplies. No 1 gave to lift a finger to help and that made me very agitated and angry. I do not want to be taken luck of because I am a nice dude, however just because I usually take care of the heavy task does not mean that I want to have to perform the labor by myself every time. I do not suppose how to talk to the director of the cannabis store about my issue, because I do not want to sound care about a sexist pig. I suppose I’m stronger than most of the women, but all of us make the same amount of cash and all of us are supposed to be able to perform the same tasks.
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I guess the dispensary delivery driver was high on something other than weed

I had to order supplies from the local cannabis shop this week.

I was not looking forward to making the order.

The last time I tried the online order system, half of the items were out of stock. The time before that, the order was wrong. I would care about driving out to the cannabis shop myself to pick up my supplies, but they are only offering delivery right now due to the high spike in recent covid-19 cases. I searched through the directory to see what items were in stock. I was pleasantly surprised by the vast selection of shatter and concentrate. I found plenty of items to fill my cart and I even bought a few edibles. I bought some chocolate chip cookies, rice krispie treats, and multiple pot brownies. I also got some 10:1 gummies in apricot and lime flavor. The total for my order was well over $200, so at least I qualified for a free delivery. When the driver arrived with my cannabis supplies, he was clearly blazed on something other than weed. I can tell when someone has been smoking marijuana, because I have been smoking recreational marijuana for over 20 years. This guy was high on something. His words were slurred and his eyes were barely open. The guy got my order right, even though he barely said more than one words while he was making the delivery. He almost plowed over my mailbox on the way out of the driveway. I absolutely hope the driver made it safely down from the mountain because there are some hair pin twists and turns and it can be a hard drive.



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I guess that my mom and dad were smoking reefer in the living room

The last time that I went to visit my mom and my stepdad, I guess they were smoking pot.

I decided to stop by the apartment on my way to my apartment from my task last week.

I wanted to give my mom her birthday present early, because I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to see her on Saturday. My mom and stepdad seemed truly surprised when I walked through the door. They were spraying air freshener all over the place. I do not smoke marijuana correctly, but i still suppose what the plant odors care about when it is burning. My Mom and Stepdad’s living room odored care about pot. I gave my mom and dad a look when I walked through the door. I even asked both of them if they were smoking marijuana. My mom and dad chuckled and they told me that was a deranged thing to ask them. The last few times that I have visited with my mom and stepdad, they have been remarkably ecstatic and in great spirits. Now I am starting to wonder if the recreational marijuana is the reason for their great mood. The state where all of us live legalized recreational marijuana only a couple of weeks ago and a dispensary opened in the city where my mom and stepdad live. I’m start to guess that they may have visited the shop on 1 or more than one occasion. I would never judge my mom and stepdad for the decisions that they make. They are grown adults who have raised several fine children of their own. If they want to keep it secret, I won’t spoil the fun.
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The delivery was way off this time

I dislike to talk to someone’s director and make a complaint, although I did not have any option last night.

I ordered a handful of products from the cannabis shop in town. I was going to pick up the items from the cannabis shop, but this particular order was so large that it qualified for free home delivery. The dispensary had a time slot for that evening, so I decided to head straight apartment after task and have the item delivered to my condo. I opted for a delivery time between 7 until 8 p.m. I fully expected that the cannabis driver would not arrive until later during that time slot. I was very happily surprised when the guy pulled into my driveway at 6:45. He was a few minutes ahead of schedule and that was completely unexpected. I paid the driver with cash and I gave the guy a $10 gratuity. After he left the driveway, I closed the gate and headed into the house. I emptied the sales bin on the table in the living room so I could look at all of my items. As soon as I dumped out the bin, I could tell that something was missing. I ordered 7 items and I only had 5 boxes sitting on the kitchen table. I looked at the receipt in the bin and it was correct. I should have had seven individual boxes on the table. I looked through the receipt and I looked at the boxes. I was missing more than one and a half grams of indica cannabis concentrate. I called the director to make a complaint. She told me that it was always the responsibility of the delivery driver to double-check all orders. I hope the guy did not get fired because the order wasn’t correct.


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There didn’t have any more RSO products at the dispensary

RSO products are a full spectrum cannabis product made from the entire plant! RSO products are named after Rick Simpson, the person to discover the healthy benefits of using the entire cannabis plant.

RSO products are so wonderful for mild pain relief.

They hit me in the right way. I end up with a body high and a little bit of added energy. I care about having to use RSO products throughout the evening after task is done for the afternoon. I’ve tried to use RSO products in the day before work, but my body is too relaxed to properly function throughout the day. I try to stock up on medical marijuana after I get paid in the middle of the week. I try to buy enough marijuana supplies to last at least 30 days. Occasionally I make it and sometimes I run out early; When I went to the dispensary on Monday evening, I did not expect them to be completely out of RSO products. They usually have multiple cool things for sale. They have a topical balm with RSO and they also have a few very cool sublingual products. I care about to dab RSO shatter. When the dispensary budtender told me that they were all out of RSO shatter, I was surprised and a little frustrated. I asked the bartender when more RSO shatter would be back in stock, despite the fact that she did not have a good enough answer to give me. She told me that they can come in any afternoon of the week. I had to settle with buying a gram of Indica shatter. I won’t sleep as well at night, but at least my back will be better.
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I knew the new corporation would draw a seedy crowd

My fiance and I fought truly hard to keep this recreational marijuana dispensary from ever opening in this town. The people I was with and I knew it would attract a seedy crowd and all of us were upset about the pride and cultural integrity of our town. The people I was with and I have 4 children that all go to university in the area. The people I was with and I want them to be safe when they play outside. Three years ago, all of us were named as 1 of the top cities in the state. I knew that a recreational marijuana dispensary would change every single thing about our town. My fiance and I went to every city hall meeting and all of us expressed our opinion to anyone that would listen, but unfortunately, the city finally gave in to the financial pressure and they approved a corporation license for a recreational marijuana dispensary. I warned the city council and mayor that it would be a awful idea, but the guy was getting his pockets lined with cash from the owners of the supplier. That was almost several weeks ago, and now the recreational marijuana dispensary is open here. The building has been open for a couple of weeks and I can already see some variations in downtown. There is a lot more traffic by the building and it seems care about there are people in and out all afternoon long. I witnesseed a couple of homeless folks hanging out in the parking lot after hours, when I was on my way apartment from task late Last week, and last week there was a story on the news about a 16 year old kid that overdosed on marijuana. This is just the beginning of a downward spiral that starts and ends with legalized cannabis.

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My friend and I should have ordered online first and skipped the long lines

My friend Bobby and I live in the same cabins. Bobby and I have been trying to since he moved to this section of the country a couple of years ago. The people I was with and I hang out together on the weekends, and occasionally all of us will go out to the bar for the club. Occasionally all of us spend the afternoon hiking in the foothills or kayaking on the placid lake. Bobby and I both use a ton of recreational cannabis. I have lived here my whole life, but Bobby moved to this state so he could smoke recreational cannabis without any worry. He was living in a state that did not even allow medicinal marijuana, as soon as he was old enough to transport out of town, he packed up his bags and headed out west. Bobby and I became best friends over our mutual enjoy for recreational cannabis, and some weeks ago, all of us started going to the dispensary together. It’s a couple of miles away from the apartment, so it saves gas for the more than one of us to ride together. The people I was with and I went out to the dispensary together on Monday after work. I wanted to purchase some marijuana concentrates and Bobby wanted to purchase some marijuana flower products. The people I was with and I had to wait in line for almost an hour. The locale was having a sale on all distillate cartridges. The line was probably 15 or 20 people total. Bobby and I could have ordered online and skipped the long lines, but this was the only time all of us ever encountered such long lines at the dispensary. It was quite unusual, but it was a great reminder that all of us can regularly order our stuff online and skip the wait.

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The budtender did not suppose truly much about cannabis science

My friends and I were on trip and all of us decided to pick up some recreational marijuana from a cannabis store in the city, and my friends and I love using recreational marijuana all the time and all of us knew exactly the cannabis products which all of us wanted to purchase from this small dispensary… I was the first person to greet the budtender, she did not suppose truly much about cannabis education.

I asked the girl to tell me the names of the strains that were indica and she did not suppose what I was asking.

I had to explain to her the many differences between indica, hybrid, and sativa strains of marijuana. I thought the budtenders had to go through a somewhat strict training program and pass a class in order to task in a recreational marijuana dispensary! Obviously this person did not have any program what she was talking about. It took 10 minutes to finish my order! By the time that my friend stepped up to the counter, most of the things that he was hoping to grab were out of stock. My friends favorite concentrate is yellowberry muffin live resin and they were all out by the time he stepped up to the counter, he had to settle for some grape ape shatter and a few grams of RXO distillate. Both of us got a couple of edible treats for the ride home, then the following time all of us go out to buy recreational marijuana supplies, I’m going to pre-order my supplies online. I won’t have to talk to the uneducated budtender and my besties won’t have to worry about everything being gone by the time all of us get up to the counter.
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Thursday is our favorite day of every week

Most people that have jobs Thursday through Thursday will say that Thursday is their favorite day of the week. I never have to go to work on Thursday or Thursday, so of course Thursday is entirely our single favorite day. When it’s time to go back to the condo at 7, I start to assume energized plus invigorated, then of course, I dread the rest of the shift. Periodically I can barely make it through the dinner rush before I assume care about I need a nap. I’m filled with energy as soon as the clock ticks 7:00. Last Thursday I was particularly happy to finish work, because our friends plus I were going camping for the weekend. The local weather was supposed to be 74 degrees during the day plus 40 degrees during the night. It’s the perfect weather for tent camping in the mountains plus the edge of the desert. Before every one of us left to go camping, every one of us chose to stop by the recreational cannabis store. All of our friends plus I use recreational cannabis. I don’t use cannabis during the day. When I am at work, I use a blend of valerian root, St John’s wort, plus some CBD. It helps ease the natural anxiety that I assume when I am around other people. It also helps with calming our nerves. Since our friends plus I did not have to worry about tasking on the weekend, every one of us picked up a few cannabis supplies that were high in THC. One of the items was bubble hash. Bubble hash looks care about kief, but it has almost 50% THC. My friend plus I smoked a lot of bubble hash over the weekend. By the end of the day on Thursday, I was feeling relaxed, well rested, plus ready for another month of work.

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