Now I’m on the right track

Well it happens to everyone at some point I suppose. I actually just never really pictured myself in my fifties at any point. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to believe the guy in the mirror with all the gray and fat. He sure has the same face and eyes however the gray beard and belly are a bit abrupt at times. I sure hope I don’t become a single of those dudes who is overcome with his hair. But, to each his own I suppose. One of the changes I am embracing these days includes recreational cannabis. I’m genuinely a single of the few 50 something year old dudes that I think who never enjoyed recreational cannabis in their youth. I know that recreational pot use was widespread in my generation. Plus, it was previously totally accepted as much as having a cocktail was. But, I believe the ongoing fear of God was put into me by my folks so I steered clear of recreational marijuana. Thankfully, I can tell you that all that has now changed. With the passing of legal weed, I am now able to use recreational cannabis without fear of any sort of lifelong repercussions. It was commanded by a neighbor of mine that I play golf with. I specifically noted over the course of a few months that his game was so much more consistent. Plus the ultra annoyed outbursts that would pepper his rounds was now conspicuously absent. I cautiously inquired as to whether he had found a great therapist or what. I was stunned to, instead, learn that he had entirely discovered legal weed at the local weed store. After actually seeing what it did for him, I was all in. And I have been so entirely calm and pleased with this addition to my life.

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