No pot in my house is the rules

My hubby laughed after I came back to the apartment and spoke with the guy about a prescription for medical weed.

He told myself and also others that it might be time to find a different doctor and not a quack.

It was time for a minute opinion. She was not interested and the research or even medical evidence to support the theory that medical cannabis can provide several benefits. I was undoubtedly aggravated with the suggestion and took my doctor’s advice without getting my hubby to agree. I applied to get a medical weed card. I paid all of the fees from my personal bank account. Since my hubby was not keen on myself and others using cannabis, I didn’t suppose it was any of his business to know my plans. I didn’t assume to care about arguing with that guy when I wasn’t even sure if medical marijuana was going to help. Since I was raised to obey my man and listen, going against his wishes was a big deal and certainly one of the only times that I have ever gone against what he has said is the rules in our house. I certainly don’t regret making the decision, however, I am not prepared or ready to admit that I am using medical pot yet. Thankfully for myself and others, medical weed has been very beneficial and both of us are feeling strong with an immune plan that is working far more efficiently than it was five years ago. There is no way to give that up.