Newbies to the Cannabis World

I finally decided to get a prescription for the legal use of marijuana.

I looked up where the local cannabis dispensary was & it’s too bad it’s on the other side of town.

They had a client service number on their website so I reached out. I told them my name, address, & all of the information on the prescription. Then I simply took a picture of the prescription & text it to them. Ten thirds later, they returned my call. They were going to SMS a long list of what strange types of marijuana that might help me. They told myself and others to option & choose what I wanted. One service they have is to send myself and others out samples to try before I put out a large sum of currency. I asked him how I was going to option up the marijuana samples. He told myself and others that the samples would be brought to my house & after getting them, I could ask the delivery person any questions. The marijuana dispensary sent a young man to my house. This professionally dressed guy even showed his ID & credentials before giving me the bag full of samples. She told myself and others how to use the gummies & other items that were in the bag. He offered to stay with me while I tried it. When I asked if he didn’t need to get back to the dispensary, I found out that this is what he does. She made myself and others feel so much more comfortable as newbies to the cannabis world.


Marijuana delivery