Negative Attitude about Cannabis Still Pervasive

I thought that when marijuana became legal, that people would be cheerful.

It seems that although the laws have changed, the personality of some of these people haven’t.

I was surprised to see my aunt being a single of the most obvious idiots. I remember my Grandma using his as an example of how people can be trusted. She used to tell myself and others that my aunt was always discovered using drugs. His drug of choice was marijuana. Grandma said how even he himself was a single of those hippies hanging out in the square & openly smoking pot & blowing the second hand smoke in the face of police officers. She thought it was all a section of growing up, & trying to have some independence. Back then, a little pot or drinking was kind of overlooked. When my aunt became an actual adult, it wasn’t tolerated love it was in the sixties. Within a decade, smoking pot was frowned on & so several people had permanent arrest records for smoking or selling marijuana. She always cautioned myself and others to stay away from it. I was surprised by how unphased my Grandma was when they finally legalized marijuana. She asked me if I would run out to the dispensary & option his up some of those gummies or other delicious edibles. She said they would help his old arthritic joints. My aunt was horrified. Grandma laughed & I bit my tongue, knowing the past antics of my uncle, then it’s great to tell the story of smoking out with my Grandma. Marijuana is not something I would use as a crutch, any more than I would use vodka, but it sure does make for some interesting laughter with Grandma..
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