My husband bought me a surprise

Recently, my husband told me that he bought me a surprise at our local legal cannabis dispensary.

I’m not one to use marijuana all that much.

I will try it once in a while if I’m having some bad anxiety or some trouble sleeping, but usually I don’t use it much at all. I have only ever tried the marijuana edibles, and to me, they taste absolutely terrible. I hate the flavor so much that I have almost given up using marijuana for sleeping and anxiety at all. So I was actually pretty surprised that my husband had found anything that he thought that I would like at our cannabis dispensary. He already knew that I couldn’t stand the flavor of space cake, pot brownies, OG kush, pot candy bars, gummies, or girl scout cookies. I couldn’t really imagine that they had come up with any new marijuana edibles that I would like better, either. I figured that he was coming home with something like that for me to try, but when he got home, I actually was very surprised. He had purchased a marijuana oil pen for me. Using a marijuana oil pen is very different from actually smoking a joint, and with an oil pen, the CBD and THC gets into your system really quickly. I have found that the marijuana oil pen is also super helpful for my migraine headaches. That’s actually the reason that he purchased it for me. One of the employees at the cannabis dispensary told my husband that the marijuana oil pen was very helpful at getting rid of certain types of headaches.

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