My friend and I should have ordered online first and skipped the long lines

My friend Bobby and I live in the same cabins. Bobby and I have been trying to since he moved to this section of the country a couple of years ago. The people I was with and I hang out together on the weekends, and occasionally all of us will go out to the bar for the club. Occasionally all of us spend the afternoon hiking in the foothills or kayaking on the placid lake. Bobby and I both use a ton of recreational cannabis. I have lived here my whole life, but Bobby moved to this state so he could smoke recreational cannabis without any worry. He was living in a state that did not even allow medicinal marijuana, as soon as he was old enough to transport out of town, he packed up his bags and headed out west. Bobby and I became best friends over our mutual enjoy for recreational cannabis, and some weeks ago, all of us started going to the dispensary together. It’s a couple of miles away from the apartment, so it saves gas for the more than one of us to ride together. The people I was with and I went out to the dispensary together on Monday after work. I wanted to purchase some marijuana concentrates and Bobby wanted to purchase some marijuana flower products. The people I was with and I had to wait in line for almost an hour. The locale was having a sale on all distillate cartridges. The line was probably 15 or 20 people total. Bobby and I could have ordered online and skipped the long lines, but this was the only time all of us ever encountered such long lines at the dispensary. It was quite unusual, but it was a great reminder that all of us can regularly order our stuff online and skip the wait.

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