My brother Kenny works at a CBD store near our house

My brother Kenny started looking for a summer job when he graduated from high school last year.

He was thinking that he would just find a place to work while he was waiting to start classes at the university in the fall, but it didn’t end up working out that way.

He found a part time position at a local cannabis spot that opened up a couple of years ago near our house. This cannabis cafe wasn’t like any other marijuana business that he had ever been in. These types of places haven’t been around in our area for very long. When Kenny saw that they were looking to hire employees to become professional cannabis products salespeople, he went right in and put in an application. Within a couple of days, he got an interview, and pretty soon he had the job. Kenny ended up being a natural born cannabis salesman and now he is the manager of the cannabis cafe after being there for less than a year! He knows everything that there is to know now about cannabis edibles like space cake, pot brownies, and girl scout cookies. He also has become an expert on cannabis oils and cannabis oil pens. I think that he was going to go to the university for business, but now he has completely changed his mind. He’s so happy working at the cannabis cafe that he’s just going to stay there and keep on selling marijuana products for a living. As long as he’s happy, I don’t care what Kenny decides to do for a living.

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