Mum likes her CBD candies and gummies

My mom has lived quite a wonderful life.

From an early age, she has always been a free spirit.

My dad told us he fell in love with her while riding her bike in the rain. Mom remembers that day differently. She was riding her bike home when the rain hit. By the time dad offered her a ride, she was drenched and so upset. Mom got into his truck, and he cranked up the heat to dry her off. They ended up going to dinner to share some coffee. Dad asked mom out on an official date since that was more like keeping her warm. She said yes, and the rest is history. A few years back, dad passed away, and I felt mom was lonely. So, I asked her to move to the city where I lived with my partner. We have three kids who mom adores and rarely gets to see. The proposal was that mom could buy the house next door and see her grandbabies every day. That was one of the reasons for her to accept the change coming her way. Another was the fact that weed was legal where we stayed. Mom had always loved the CBD gummies we packed for her during our visits. Now she’d have the chance to walk into any weed dispensary and buy some. Our state didn’t require buyers to have a medical marijuana card. Ever since the move, mom has been on cloud 9. Weed gummies are a huge help for her because they help with anxiety and managing her pain. Mom suffers from chronic osteoarthritis, which has no cure. All she can do is manage the pain and live a healthy lifestyle.


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