Marijuana Delivery is Available during Isolation

Is your city still practicing isolation? We are sort of doing that.

I think, officially, limited isolation is what is going on.

Unofficially, though, isolation is over, except when it comes to convenience. For example, people who have gotten used to working from home do not want to go back to work. Stores that started doing delivery or curbside service, I think, are going to have to keep doing it because it is convenient and people love it. A lot of the folks that use medical marijuana, at the beginning of the stay-at-home orders, were up in arms wondering how they were going to get their medical cannabis. They were truly worried and were very vocal about it. At that time, it was not legal to deliver medical cannabis because there was no way to be sure of who would be receiving the weed at the house. It especially couldn’t be left at the front door like an amazon package. Anyway, the medical cannabis folks made such a fuss, the local lawmakers decided to go ahead and make marijuana delivery available during isolation. We are now in phase 2 of our opening process, and once again the medical cannabis users and peddlers are making a fuss. Now that they have had marijuana delivery, they don’t want to give it up even though total isolation rules are over. Since the vast majority of medical marijuana patients have chronic health conditions, I actually think it makes sense to have marijuana delivery available all the time. We will see what the lawmakers think.


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