Legal Marijuana and New Cafe

I think I never entirely thought that the laws would ever be different as far as marijuana is concerned.

For the last couple of years I have been able to purchase CBD online & in small stores hidden away in little corners very discreetly.

Now, I was seeing marijuana dispensaries popping up all over. Having rheumatoid arthritis has always been hard, since I was worked on before I turned twenty. I was now thirty & I could barely walk. The CBD was able to take the edge off the pain. I went to see the doctor about the legalization of marijuana & he smiled. He said it might be a viable option to help ease my pain. He wasn’t sure about all of the strange marijuana strains, but the professionals who work at the dispensaries had to take courses to think of the difference. He said their training was just as difficult as that of the pharmacists & it was ongoing. They are required to keep up on all of the latest products & how to dispense them. The doctor gave me a prescription & told myself and others what I had to do to get my permit to purchase the marijuana. I was not really excited until the morning my paper came in the mail. Once it arrived, I headed straight to the marijuana dispensary. The young guy behind the counter was a font of information. He took my prescription & took copies of my permit to purchase. He provided pamphlets and fliers & he even gave myself and others samples of some CBD candies that would help with the pain. He told myself and others to eat just half a gummy at first & after that all of us could go from there until I felt better.

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