Keeping in the know how with emails

I need to do a better job monitoring my email inbox.

I have a separate email address that I use for making online buys, but I’ve forgotten to unsubscribe from promotional sales from a number of stores that I haven’t purchased from in years.

Despite always getting inundated by emails from countless places I don’t even like, you’d feel that would give me enough fodder to spend an hour going through my inbox and cleaning it out with updated filters. Not all of these marketing emails are unwanted. I get a number of emails from cannabis dispensaries, and periodically these are messages announcing limited one-day sales and other temporary promo deals. You can save a lot of cash each week on your number one cannabis products just by allowing email notifications from the legal marijuana stores. Other cannabis stores might be showing particular strains for bogo deals, or a particular % off your entire purchase. Instead of getting a sale announcement, my most recent cannabis shop email was about a new line of products that my local cannabis dispensary is going to have soon. As ridiculous as it might sound, my state made it illegal to sell all forms of cannabis edibles besides tablets when our state approved a medical marijuana law to amend the state constitution. It took a few years of constant litigation to get the state to allow cannabis dispensaries to sell weed infused baked goods in the store. I only knew when the law changed because I was on their email list and getting updated.

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