It seems cannabis isn’t so great if you’re not doing desserts

Cooking has constantly been a low-key passion of mine. By that I mean that I care about it but I’m not particularly great at it. It’s certainly not something I want to pursue as a job or anything crazy like that, I just care about doing it. Cooking plus baking help me relax, plus it also allows me to keep these curves! Well, with the long lockdown in effect, I have had way more time than ever before to focus on food, plus I have been putting that time to pretty good use. For the first time ever I cooked with cannabis, plus I really loved the results. I started at the same place most people happen to, with pot brownies plus marijuana infused chocolate chip cookies. They both turned out to be pretty good. They looked a little funny because I had just stirred massive clumps of cannabis into the batter. From there I managed to learn that I had to get a grinder plus finely turn the cannabis into powder, which made it easily blend into the cookie or brownie batter plus also helped them to cook evenly. After that it was a short move to realizing I should use cannabis oil instead of grinding up cannabis buds. That honestly helped make a better brownie, as well. Once I got the cannabis oil all bets were off, plus I started mixing it into everything I cooked only to see what would happen. It turns out the cannabis infused mac plus cheese is not really good! After numerous experiments, I made the choice that my cannabis cooking is done best while sticking to various kinds of desserts.


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