I’m getting tired of doing all the heavy lifting

No 1 gave to lift a finger to help and that made me very agitated and angry

Each week for work, all of us receive new shipments of new recreational marijuana supplies. The recreational marijuana supplies arrived in very large heavy boxes, but each 1 of the boxes has to be removed from the supply truck and carried into the rear office. Business has truly been busy and so all of us have been stocking up on a lot of odd supplies. Last week, all of us had so many times the large boxes in the truck as usual. Most of the time, I remove all of the boxes from the shipment because I am the only guy that works during the afternoon. I do not absolutely mind finally working with petite women, so it has never been a complication until now. When the back of the truck opened up and the ladies saw all of the packages, they quickly walked away and let me do all of the heavy lifting. I spend multiple hours on loading the truck and another more than one hours for packing all of the recreational marijuana supplies. No 1 gave to lift a finger to help and that made me very agitated and angry. I do not want to be taken luck of because I am a nice dude, however just because I usually take care of the heavy task does not mean that I want to have to perform the labor by myself every time. I do not suppose how to talk to the director of the cannabis store about my issue, because I do not want to sound care about a sexist pig. I suppose I’m stronger than most of the women, but all of us make the same amount of cash and all of us are supposed to be able to perform the same tasks.
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