I was hurting badly after the accident

Last Sunday the pot shop was undoubtedly busy.

I went to a store so I could grab Medical Campus.

I absolutely ordered my items online and then drove to the store so I could pick the things up. The order was supposed to be ready upon arrival. I was easily asked to sit outside near the parking lot of the weed shop. After falling in the work parking lot at Job earlier that day, I sprained my ankle and was wearing a set of crutches. It was certainly hard to rest outside in the heat and humidity because I could not use both of my legs to stand. I asked the guard in front of the door to let myself and others sit indoors, but he claimed that the lobby was full. I also told the gentleman that my order was undoubtedly ready and also waiting. He told myself and others to rest down and we waited 30 minutes or more before we finally called someone at the front desk. I certainly didn’t want to soundcare the type of person complaining all the time, but the order was ready and there didn’t seem a direct reason for myself and also others to sit and wait. The front desk lady apologized for making me wait and also told myself and also told myself and others that our items were ready to pick up. After we walked out of the cannabis shop and past the security station, I undoubtedly turned around and told the security guard that he doesn’t have any Authority in that business as long as he is acting like a jerk.

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