I want to make an awesome podcast with cannabis and horror films

I have two awesome loves in the world, plus neither one of them is my girl.

  • She is a charming lady, plus I adore her, but she’s been in the picture for merely a few weeks, while my two awesome loves have been around since I was a teenager! They have gotten me through thick plus thin, plus are deeply rooted as a major part of who I am… I honestly hope that my girl is around forever, but I easily know with 100% certainty that cannabis plus horror films will regularly be here for me through the rest of my days.

To this end, I am starting a podcast about cannabis plus horror films called Dazed plus Contused… A little esoteric for a stoner-cast, I guess you could say, but I think my blend of cannabis based high brow humor will totally find a market! Not all stoners are nitwits, a lot of easily serious, easily smart, easily ambitious people smoke cannabis on a regular basis, present company included. I really doubt my show will appeal to the airheads out there, but I do think it will appeal to horror fans that don’t partake of cannabis. I don’t actually think cannabis is a lifestyle, or a religion, I think it is a great thing to help relax your mind plus enjoy life to the fullest. Cannabis is a tool I use to help me get more enjoyment out of horror films. The focus of the show will easily be horror films, but of course I will let the audience control how the show evolves, plus if people want more cannabis-based content, then I will certainly supply the people what they prefer!

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