I still can’t believe that cannabis has been legalized in our state

I have seen a bunch of crazy things over the last couple of years, but I never expected our state to legalize marijuana.

The people I was with and I have an extremely conservative state that still is under the impression that dancing is the Devil’s work.

My Grandma has another view altogether. She says she was dancing when her own mother believed it should be illegal. My parents got into a pretty major debate at her residence a couple months ago. They were talking with my aunt and uncle about the legalization of marijuana. My Grandma sat in the dining room and rolled her eyes when she heard them going on about it. She told myself and others they were basically a bunch of old hens. I laughed with her and she shushed me. She actually let me know that she had smoked pot in the sixties, and it wasn’t quite as bad as their laying around with their vodka and tonic. Until that day, I looked at Grandma basically like another old lady who just babbled all of the time. I learned that she was really cool. She told myself and others she wasn’t saying it was alright to smoke cannabis. Nowadays, they would throw the youngsters in jail for doing that. In her time, they took them home to their parents. I had to agree because I had seen numerous friends thrown in jail just for having possession of pot. When I found out they had legalized the use of marijuana recently, I went straight over to tell her. She told me to get her sweater and take her to town. She knew somebody who sold marijuana, and she wanted to have the experience of using it legally. She stated it made her joints feel better, even though she still didn’t really like the smell of marijuana.


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