I read about a recreational cannabis store in my grandma’s newspaper

The other day when I was out visiting my grandma at her house, I was looking through her newspaper.

She still gets a regular old newspaper delivered to her house every day and I think it’s fun to look through it once in a while when I go to her place to visit.

Most people don’t get newspapers anymore, but there’s really something about flipping through them that gives me a real sense of nostalgia. The front page was all of the usual stuff about football and who was voting which was at the board of education, but then on the third page, I found a big story about how a recreational cannabis store is going to be opening up in the area. There was a lot of opposition to the cannabis store, but apparently most of the people in the chamber of commerce voted to let it open up in the area and so they are coming. The new cannabis business place is set to open up in the next few months or so and they are going to be selling all kinds of marijuana edibles, CBD oils, medical cannabis and also hybrid strains. My grandma didn’t even realize that this new place was opening up and I guess she somehow missed seeing the story in the paper. I’m not going to tell her about it either, because she will not be happy in the least. She’s not a person who would be interested in having a local cannabis spot close to her house! Maybe I can keep her in the dark about it.

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