I need the expert here

It’s always great to have a waitress at a diner that knows the food.

If you’re new to a particular diner, this is often the only way you can decide what dish you’d like to purchase.

If I’m at a fancy restaurant, whether it’s a steakhouse, french pastry shop, or just high priced Korean food, I want an idea of what most people like the best. There are often so many choices of delicious food as well, making the choice even harder. If a good waitress can supply me with a few recommendations to run with, it’s a giant help. Of course, this isn’t just limited to diners or places where I’m buying dinner. Now that our state has legal recreational marijuana dispensaries, I shop at as many that are within driving distance to get the best deals and prices. It doesn’t matter what cannabis shop I go to, some workers know more than others. The people behind the counter are often called budtenders, and many of them are severely great at their job. They’ll know all about the kinds of the strains available on the menu, especially the genetic lineage, whether it’s a sativa, hybrid, or indica, and what kind of disease or issues the strain is great at treating. Sadly, there are always employees that are more like part time workers that don’t know this information. They’ll point to the label if I ask them what I can expect from what I’m purchasing. Often I’m trying a current marijuana product I haven’t had before and I’d like a tiny bit of help before I buy a ton of it.

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