I knew the new corporation would draw a seedy crowd

My fiance and I fought truly hard to keep this recreational marijuana dispensary from ever opening in this town. The people I was with and I knew it would attract a seedy crowd and all of us were upset about the pride and cultural integrity of our town. The people I was with and I have 4 children that all go to university in the area. The people I was with and I want them to be safe when they play outside. Three years ago, all of us were named as 1 of the top cities in the state. I knew that a recreational marijuana dispensary would change every single thing about our town. My fiance and I went to every city hall meeting and all of us expressed our opinion to anyone that would listen, but unfortunately, the city finally gave in to the financial pressure and they approved a corporation license for a recreational marijuana dispensary. I warned the city council and mayor that it would be a awful idea, but the guy was getting his pockets lined with cash from the owners of the supplier. That was almost several weeks ago, and now the recreational marijuana dispensary is open here. The building has been open for a couple of weeks and I can already see some variations in downtown. There is a lot more traffic by the building and it seems care about there are people in and out all afternoon long. I witnesseed a couple of homeless folks hanging out in the parking lot after hours, when I was on my way apartment from task late Last week, and last week there was a story on the news about a 16 year old kid that overdosed on marijuana. This is just the beginning of a downward spiral that starts and ends with legalized cannabis.

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