I have to vape to feel okay with it

I work as a high end reporter for a slowly dying newspaper in my big city.

When I toured this site on a school field trip, it was a bustling news front. But the years leading up and during the 2008 recession inflicted a hard blow to the entire print news industry. In retrospect, the fate of print news was hanging very low from the moment the internet came into every other household in the modern world. It’s neat this newspaper is still open and functioning, especially when you notice all of the empty desks and cubicles that were once a full formed newsroom just a decade ago. The news team now consists of a handful of reporters like myself who are being sent out on these week to week story assignments. It’s stressful when you’re given the workload that was at one point delegated to 2 or 4 reporters. I don’t care for being sent to high school games and sitting in the gross metal bleachers for several hours in the cold. I finally decided I’d bring my cannabis oil pen with me whenever I’m out on those horrible assignments. I’m cheerful that my cannabis oil pen looks identical to a nicotine vape. The cannabis dispensary offers cannabis oil pens that have natural cannabis derived terpenes, and these smell like the marijuana plant. The other option is lower in price, and these oil pens contain cannabis distillate oil with plant derived terpenes added after extraction. They’re not full form, but they’re cheaper and much more camouflage. Some of these cannabis oil pens smell like fruit and sugar.

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