I guess the dispensary delivery driver was high on something other than weed

I had to order supplies from the local cannabis shop this week.

I was not looking forward to making the order.

The last time I tried the online order system, half of the items were out of stock. The time before that, the order was wrong. I would care about driving out to the cannabis shop myself to pick up my supplies, but they are only offering delivery right now due to the high spike in recent covid-19 cases. I searched through the directory to see what items were in stock. I was pleasantly surprised by the vast selection of shatter and concentrate. I found plenty of items to fill my cart and I even bought a few edibles. I bought some chocolate chip cookies, rice krispie treats, and multiple pot brownies. I also got some 10:1 gummies in apricot and lime flavor. The total for my order was well over $200, so at least I qualified for a free delivery. When the driver arrived with my cannabis supplies, he was clearly blazed on something other than weed. I can tell when someone has been smoking marijuana, because I have been smoking recreational marijuana for over 20 years. This guy was high on something. His words were slurred and his eyes were barely open. The guy got my order right, even though he barely said more than one words while he was making the delivery. He almost plowed over my mailbox on the way out of the driveway. I absolutely hope the driver made it safely down from the mountain because there are some hair pin twists and turns and it can be a hard drive.



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