I guess that my mom and dad were smoking reefer in the living room

The last time that I went to visit my mom and my stepdad, I guess they were smoking pot.

I decided to stop by the apartment on my way to my apartment from my task last week.

I wanted to give my mom her birthday present early, because I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to see her on Saturday. My mom and stepdad seemed truly surprised when I walked through the door. They were spraying air freshener all over the place. I do not smoke marijuana correctly, but i still suppose what the plant odors care about when it is burning. My Mom and Stepdad’s living room odored care about pot. I gave my mom and dad a look when I walked through the door. I even asked both of them if they were smoking marijuana. My mom and dad chuckled and they told me that was a deranged thing to ask them. The last few times that I have visited with my mom and stepdad, they have been remarkably ecstatic and in great spirits. Now I am starting to wonder if the recreational marijuana is the reason for their great mood. The state where all of us live legalized recreational marijuana only a couple of weeks ago and a dispensary opened in the city where my mom and stepdad live. I’m start to guess that they may have visited the shop on 1 or more than one occasion. I would never judge my mom and stepdad for the decisions that they make. They are grown adults who have raised several fine children of their own. If they want to keep it secret, I won’t spoil the fun.
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