I got a job where marijuana is legal

I had to transfer across the country after my old job disappeared.

The corporation folded and I was abruptly unemployed with bills still waiting to be paid.

I instantly started searching websites like Craigslist and Indeed at least 4 times a day. Many don’t realize that job listings are a first come, first serve opportunity that can be gone in a matter of minutes if the right person applies hastily enough. Looking once a day is the bare minimum, but you should look more often than that if you’re extreme about finding work. When I finally did, it was with another old neighborhood newspaper after the previous one had survived since 1930. As I settled in at my new apartment, I remembered that this state had recently legalized medical cannabis for any citizens diagnosed with an illness deemed worthy of a marijuana prescription by a licensed physician. I started looking around and found a doctor in my city, roughly 12 minutes away from my apartment. When I called, I asked them what kind of paperwork I needed to get the process started with becoming a legal medical cannabis patient. Unfortunately for me, you have to be a state resident to qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation. Since I had just moved, I didn’t qualify for residency yet from the state. However, the department of health, the state body that manages the medical marijuana registry, told me that I could qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation once I had paid my electricity bill once and had the receipt to prove it. At that point, I just need to make an appointment with the medical marijuana doctor. Best of all, the dispensaries in my neighborhood all have delivery services available to patients for free.



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