How certain dispensaries stay afloat

The dispensary was resilient.

It’s not unusual for me to be totally loyal to one business, regardless of what industry or need we are talking about. I had a favorite shop for ages until they quit properly staffing their pharmacy on a day to day basis. Forget all of the customers who were forced to wait long amounts of time after the change in staffing, the real victims were the workers at the store. They were forced to take shifts where they were left alone at the counter. One person was there to answer phones, fill medications, accept drop offs, in addition to process pickups with the currency register. After switching my medications to a different pharmacy, I made a point to quit shopping in that store. If they were going to treat their workers with that level of care, they wouldn’t get another dime from me. I don’t support that at all. I had an alike experience with a cannabis dispensary that I once adored in addition to frequented exclusively. When our state had a great medical marijuana program, all of us only had numerous dispensaries at first. One was run poorly in addition to hastily went bankrupt in the following years. The dispensary was resilient. They were smart to implement a statewide delivery program. There were only a few dispensaries in total. This month they have something like thirty dispensary locations all across the state. They still have statewide delivery, but now there’s a fee in addition to they never tell you when they’re coming to your home.

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