He told me to test out some things

I am happy that I have had the same family practitioner since I was a child.

He’s a good physician and has always given me whatever medications I needed without any delay.

Some doctors scoff at diagnoses from other people they don’t know or approve of personally. But, that’s not the case with my medical professional. When I was dealing with drastic mental health concerns in college, he encouraged me to see a psychiatrist and accepted the diagnosis I got from them. And best of all, when my psychiatrist quit accepting my insurance, he agreed to prescribe all of the pills I was getting from the psych. He’s a great doctor, although I was still concerned that he would object to me getting a cannabis script from another doctor. But not only was he encouraging me, I brought up the subject, he also encouraged me to try all of the products available at the cannabis shops. Some doctors will restrict what form of ingestion a medical marijuana patient can use, but it can be oral consumption by swallowing a pill or edible, some form of smoking like vaporizing and rolling papers. Some don’t like transdermal which involves skin creams, balms and patches. He told me that I should try as many products as I can afford so that I can find what works best. Regardless of whether or not something is a sativa strain or an indica strain, he said to give every individual product a chance. One strain might not do the trick, especially if I’m treating mental health concerns primarily.

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