Getting a cannabox in a pinch

Once my state allowed for legal weed, I was ready to enter the cannabis world.

I have always wanted to start my own marijuana cultivation facility. I have studied room designs extensively and knew all about all of the right grow equipment to buy. I made sure my current house had a nice sized garage to use as a grow room. I also made sure that there were plenty of electrical outlets in the garage. So all was fine. Immediately I started ordering a hydroponic system, nutrient system and curing equipment. That is when I ran into a problem. My garage might have enough electrical outlets to plug everything in but it doesn’t have enough power to feed all of my LED lights. Not even to mention the ventilation wasn’t up to date. Fuse after fuse was blown while I tried to make it work. Finally, I had to give up and purchase a cannabox. It was either that or allow all of my plants to die. I couldn’t do that. Thankfully the company that creates cannaboxes is fast. They helped me design everything online and then shipped it to me in a matter of weeks. I just had to hold off my plants dying for a little while. Once the facility was in my yard, I only had to put the plants inside. The cannabox had the water, nutrients, HVAC and lights already installed. I just had to let my plants thrive. I check on them every now and then. I do some trimming and I have dried and cured a crop of plants already.

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