Date night was at a recreational marijuana store

My husband Dan and I were looking for something a little bit different to do for our monthly date night last month and we decided to try out this new recreational marijuana store that opened up downtown recently.

Neither of us had ever been to a recreational marijuana business before, even though we both tried space cake and pot brownies back when we were in college.

Over the years, that sort of thing has kind of fallen off the radar for us but now that our kids are getting older, we are looking for different ways to relax and have fun when we are together. I told Dan that we needed to have a date night, but I didn’t really know where to go or what to do. Dan suggested that we try going to dinner and then to this marijuana store that’s downtown now. It’s right next to this bookstore that I love so I figured that even if the marijuana store was a bust, we could always go look at books afterward. I was pretty excited about it, because we haven’t had any sort of marijuana products in so long. Dan was looking forward to seeing all of the different marijuana edibles that were available because he has always thought about the pot brownies and space cake that we had tried back in the day. We ended up having a great night that night and we bought some premium edibles and a cannabis oil pen. I think that we might start going to the marijjuana store every single date night from now on!