Cannabis is still the king

Life is too short to settle for low quality merchandise. I enjoy a drink now and again, but when I do drink, it will be from the top shelf. If I am going to have whiskey I won’t drink rotgut, I will get the finest whiskey I can afford. One good shot is worth twenty bad ones, that’s my saying. When you spend more for quality, you need less of that thing. When you get a good car, it will last you for longer than a cheap car. When you buy the highest potency of cannabis, you don’t need a huge fat sack of it, just a little pinch. Blunts and joints are a good way to smoke ditch weed, because with low caliber marijuana you have to smoke a ton of it to feel anything. Compare that to one hit of Shatter, or even one of the higher end Sativas, and you will instantly see the difference. You get a longer, cleaner, higher high from a touch of quality cannabis than you do from smoking an entire eighth of garbage weed. The only tools I keep in my house for smoking are my dab rig, of course, and a one-hitter pipe for cannabis. For my money the dab rig is the best one-hit-and-quit way to get high, but sometimes I like the mouth feel of cannabis smoke. Good cannabis is a direct connection to Mother Nature, a plant that grows naturally, that opens your mind and lifts your spirits. As much as I love dabbing, cannabis is still the king.
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