Better pain management with medical marijuana

The days of feeling bullet proof are totally over. And it took a near catastrophic injury for me to realize the obvious. I don’t know, I’ve just always felt as though I wouldn’t come to any harm. Bad accidents and injuries happened to other people. Well, thanks to medical marijuana, I am learning to manage the pain from what is my first serious injury. I broke both legs and my back during a fall. It happened on a hike when I got a little brave on an exposed rock face. I ended up falling nearly seventy feet. Thus, the serious injuries. Medical cannabis didn’t come into play for a while. Initially, there were surgeries and such and I was kept really doped up on high powered pain killers. Yet, the longer I took the opioids, the more dependent I became on them and the more it took to find any sort of relief. This was a big red flag for me. I was not about to become addicted to opioids. After talking with my doctor, I decided to go to the legal weed store to try an medical cannabis as an alternative pain manager. Man, am I ever glad that I made that choice. The recovery process hasn’t been easy and the physical therapy can result in all sorts of pain and stiffness. The cannabis products I got at the cannabis store really came through for me. It really helps me to manage the pain in a way that leaves me in control and not addicted to a substance. Additionally the cannabis products kind of give me a spiritual and emotional lift as well.

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