Be careful about the coffee

I asked him how long it would take before I started to feel the effects.

I hadn’t been shopping in quite some time, due to the pandemic. I was surprised to go into our downtown shop area & see that a single of the old empty storefronts had been revived. It had gone from being an old menswear shop, to a quaint cafe. I marvelled at the sign on the front of the store, not sure what it really was trying to say. They had a cafe atmosphere with a small store in the back. The cute little name was ‘Leaf it to the Chef Cafe & Dispensary’. The cafe was brightly lit & just full of charm. There were the most delectable scents coming from the family room. There was a skanky stench that I had smelled before, despite the fact that I couldn’t quite place. I sat down in a booth for a single & I ordered a hamburger with coffee. The hamburger was delicious. I asked the server what they were selling at the counter. He said they had gummies, fresh brownies, & other edibles, along with a few other cannabis products. I smiled & after that all of us blinked. For a second, I thought he said cannibals. Wasn’t cannabis the same as marijuana? He kind of guffawed when I asked that question. He said that everything in the store had cannabis. I had heard in the news that marijuana had been legalized, but I just never expected it in our town. I asked him how long it would take before I started to feel the effects. He said it usually took a little while, but the hamburger didn’t have anything in it so I shouldn’t expect to feel loopy. I did an inward ‘phew’ until he smiled. He laughed & told myself to be careful about the coffee.


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