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I enjoy a wide variety of weed

Legal cannabis products include numerous weird and novel items adore edibles, tinctures, and flower. Most medical and recreational dispensaries these days will carry multiple weird types of cannabis products. Inhalation products definitely are a favorite of numerous full time cannabis users. Inhalation products these days come in a variety of flavors and strains and they […]

They can’t keep it up, I guess

Weed has been legal in this local state for almost a decade and there are recreational and awesome medical marijuana dispensaries all over the locale. Some of the weed dispensaries I use have to close down because the greater corporations are taking over the market. Large companies are coming to the area and building extremely […]

They’re going to be like amazon soon

Many people are lucky to live in parts of the country these days where cannabis is legal for recreational or medical purposes. I personally live in 1 of those States and I frequently enjoy using recreational marijuana all the time with my fat. It’s nice to go to The Dispensary to see the large selection! […]

Soon they’ll be like starbucks

I grew up on the west coast when I was young, however my life has never been there even for a visit, however I do remember that for our recent birthday, every one of us decided to fly to the west coast quickly for a one-week getaway. Both of us stayed for a full week […]

The benefits of using marijuana

Cannabis plants have different strange chemical compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids have been linked to many different health benefits. Cannabis can be used to treat a type of health-related troubles. Research has shown that cannabis can help to prevent and assist with diabetes. Cannabis helps to stabilize and decrease blood sugar and can improve insulin […]

Using weed to sleep?

For years and years, I have had the worst kind of sleep cycle. My body doesn’t enter a REM period like most. Instead, I fall in and out of periods all night long and never really achieve a good full night of rest. For the past few years, I have averaged about 3 to 5 […]

What is the hold up here?

I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks to get my medical marijuana benefits card in the mail. I called the office of the medical marijuana registry and they do not have any info to give me. The lady told me that she could not even find my name in the system. Another woman told me […]

I prefer doing edibles for the taste

The medical marijuana dispensary also carries a few strange types of suckers, gummies, and chocolates When we were young, my parents put medicine in lots of yummy flavors like apple, watermelon, and bubble gum. It was usually the only way they could get us to take cough medicine or antibiotics, and my sister wouldn’t take […]