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Cannabis dispensary opened up down the street

When my family first moved here, there was no neighborhood to speak of. Plots of land were being sold for dirt cheap in the site of a planned community. The long term plan was for families, schools, businesses, to create a center of commerce from the ground up. So when we first moved in, the […]

Having my eyes opened to cannabis

My parents were very strict when I was growing up. This meant doing a lot of chores, having a lot of rules, and going to church twice a week. There was no alcohol allowed in our home, and only on the holidays might my dad enjoy a glass of wine. I don’t mean to imply […]

Medical cannabis changed my life

They call it the rat race for a reason, because there are thousands of squirming, pathetic vermin all fighting over the same scraps. I have been working for the same sales team for six years now, and it pays good money but I hate it. The stress is constant, the pressure from the clients on […]

CBD products can taste good

My mom has been using CBD products for a few years. She suffers from terrible arthritis pains and they originate in her neck, back, and shoulder. She has taken every kind of pain reliever including some over-the-counter medications and narcotics. Some things ease the pain a bit, but nothing has ever really helped like CBD […]

The return policy is very liberal

I work for a very large medical marijuana retailer. We have offices and marijuana treatment facilities in many different states. The company was founded in 2008 and it has continued to grow and Thrive over the past 12 years. There are a lot of reasons why this company is so successful. The owner of the […]