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Insert with the Treats Had Vital information

My best neighbor brought some homemade goodies to the house for me, he said he had made the little treats but that I should follow the directions she also provided, when I ate them. She warned myself and others that there was more than just sugar to sweeten them up. I laughed but didn’t really […]

Dude at Marijuana Dispensary Very Helpful

I was looking on my favorite search engine, trying to figure out what kind of marijuana I should purchase now that it was legalized. I never had the nerve to try it before, but now, it was something I wanted to get for myself. I thought I would bring it to the cabin from the […]

Negative Attitude about Cannabis Still Pervasive

I thought that when marijuana became legal, that people would be cheerful. It seems that although the laws have changed, the personality of some of these people haven’t. I was surprised to see my aunt being a single of the most obvious idiots. I remember my Grandma using his as an example of how people […]

Newbies to the Cannabis World

I finally decided to get a prescription for the legal use of marijuana. I looked up where the local cannabis dispensary was & it’s too bad it’s on the other side of town. They had a client service number on their website so I reached out. I told them my name, address, & all of […]

CBD Available in Multiple Shops

It seems that whenever there are official meetings, the discussion ultimately turns to the legalization of marijuana. It has become legal to sell & use CBD without any kind of prescriptions & it is available in pharmacies & grocery stores. Lately, I have been seeing ‘smoke’ shops appearing and being built on nearly every corner. […]

Legal Marijuana and New Cafe

I think I never entirely thought that the laws would ever be different as far as marijuana is concerned. For the last couple of years I have been able to purchase CBD online & in small stores hidden away in little corners very discreetly. Now, I was seeing marijuana dispensaries popping up all over. Having […]

Be careful about the coffee

I asked him how long it would take before I started to feel the effects. I hadn’t been shopping in quite some time, due to the pandemic. I was surprised to go into our downtown shop area & see that a single of the old empty storefronts had been revived. It had gone from being […]

We love testing cannabis strains on our new online channel

Ever since the lockdown was initiated I have been completely desperate for a new creative outlet. My friends and I played some collaborative video games, however it wasn’t very fun. We then started having hang out sessions and smoking parties over Zoom or Skype. These were legitimately fun, and undoubtedly lively and full of banter, […]