Approaching sports wholistically

Sports have been a giant area of my life for as long as I can remember.

My parents consistently had me in some sort of organized athletics.

Probably to wear down my energy. I was a bit of a handful. But I have now added a modern element in legal weed to a more holistic approach to athletic activity. This may sound quite absurd to many. That is to be understood given all the heightened attention on recreational marijuana in pro athletic activities. Well, I was never quite good enough to go pro but I was close. And I would no more have used recreational cannabis than I would have had a fat based diet. But that was a misconception that legal weed has finally cleared up for me. I’m still a competitive athlete but I’m well into my forties now. And those trips to the marijana dispensary honestly help with my reclaim process. I’m not going to lie as well as say I don’t also prefer the high that comes with using recreational pot. That’s an area of the good stuff as well. But the health benefits of recreational weed are also so important. And that’s especially for a man my age whose body doesn’t reclaim as it once did. The legal weed allows me to sort of slow things down a bit with yoga as well as breathing exercises that are so restorative for both body as well as mind. It may sound sort of counter intuitive to use recreational weed as a competitive athlete. But I can assure anyone who asks to check the research as well as check the data.


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