A sitcom set in a cannabis dispensary

I know it’s a cliche, but after high school I skipped college to come pursue a career in the big city.

  • I was always an artistic kid, and had big dreams of stage plays and maybe even a TV movie of the week.

Either I could star in a TV movie of the week, or there could be one about me if I washed out and turned up dead somewhere. Either way seemed like a cool future to me, so I packed up and moved. Ten years later I am still here, and although I never made it in show business I’m not bitter. I have a great job at a cannabis dispensary, and have built a pretty good life for myself. My new project is a TV show that I’m writing, it will be a sitcom set in a cannabis dispensary, and is based on my experiences. I know there are a couple of shows set in the world of the marijuana industry, but most of them are pretty dramatic. Life in a cannabis dispensary is far from dramatic, but it can be fun, and is a great place for a sitcom to take place. Think of how many shows are set in bars, when these days cannabis dispensaries are very much like how bars used to be. A marijuana dispensary is a place for people to gather and share their common interest, so the show will have a crazy cast of regular customer characters. Even if the show never gets made, I am enjoying working on writing it.


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