A giant price change

I hate it when a store ups its prices on an item that you want.

The grocery store I frequent does this respectfully with a few items on the shelves.

I live with and help my poor mother on a morning to morning routine, including all food shopping and drug pickups. She appreciates this special kind of pop that has less calories and a good taste to it. It’s actually the best tasting soda for those who are watching their weight and want the good taste, however its price is also all over the place at local stores. Periodically it’s as cheap as for dollars or a pack of bottles, while other times it’s as much as seven. Unless you make a point to look at the price tag every single time, you’d likely not notice the giant price change. This actually happened with 1 of my favorite legal weed shops. I have been using cannabis distillate oil primarily, despite the high price. There was 1 shop where it was affordable, but 1 morning the company raised their prices by almost twenty percent without any word or explanation. When I called to ask what was going on, they simply said that was their new price for cannabis distillate oil. I can’t believe that they made this big of a cost change. Now I will have to go back to using only cannabis flower products, because it looks like that’s all I’m going to afford for the near future. At least I still have access to cannabis, that I can say for sure.

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