A cannabis dispensary just opened up near my mom’s house

I was surprised to find out that a cannabis dispensary just opened up near my mom’s house last month.

She lives kind of out in the middle of nowhere off the beaten path, so to speak, so I wasn’t really expecting for any new businesses to open up near her house.

However, I guess she’s kind of close to several highways and so whoever was looking to open up a cannabis business place realized that they would be getting business from many different roads converging in the area where my mom lives. Last time I went to visit my mom, she showed me a flyer that she had picked up at the grocery store about the new marijuana business and all of the different marijuana products that they have available for purchase there. It showed a list of different edibles, CB oil products, and sativa strains that they offer. They even have a whole section of Girl Scout cookies in different flavors, which is something that I’m interested in getting. I really think that I might want to go and check the cannabis dispensary out the next time I come over to visit my mom. She wouldn’t really be pleased with the idea of me using recreational cannabis, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, I suppose. I guess I could just say that I’m all about supporting local businesses, and this new cannabis business place is definitely one of those! Maybe eventually I will be able to get her to try it for herself and she will become a customer, too.


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